Meet the Team

  • Temini Ajayi

    Chair of the Board of Directors I love medicine. Even though it’s hard sometimes, I think it’s fun. I am grateful for the opportunities that brought me here, and every day I get to interact with patients, I am reminded of why I chose to dedicate my life to helping people achieve better health.
  • Kerry Omughelli

    Executive Director & Co-Founder I didn't always know that I'd become an engineer, or that I even wanted to become one. I decided to go with what I felt would be the most exciting and challenging path for me. Now, I simply have to look at the impact I am making in society, and I know that I made the right choice.
  • Nicole Magabo

    Communications Lead "The way Nicole tells a story, you would think it was the most interesting story on earth, but..." Storytelling has been my life-long friend, and I'm thankful that passion and energy for it has since evolved into platforms that go beyond pen and paper to incorporate organizations and brands.
  • Tobi Lapite

    Director of Programs I've had a penchant for fixing things for as long as I can remember. That was how I discovered my love for engineering, and I haven't looked back since. Today, I am an electrical engineer, and one of my life goals is to help fix the epileptic power supply in Nigeria.
  • Nduka Nwankwo

    Chief Financial Officer I’ve always been a creative person. When I was in primary school, I would create handcrafted cards with personalized poems for my friends. I believe the fusion of creativity with innovation in other sectors will empower the next generation of leaders to form new ways of solving problems.
  • Ayo Olubeko

    Technical Lead I wanted to be a lot of things when I grew up: a pilot, an astronaut, and at some point Rambo. What drew me to these various professions, except maybe Rambo, was a fascination with science fiction. This fascination led me to a career in software engineering, building the very technology that fascinated me as a child.
  • Tolani Ayo-Vaughan

    Executive Secretary When I was a kid I wanted to be a teacher, because I wanted to teach kids. Later on I wanted to be a doctor, because I wanted to help people. Then I decided I wanted to be an engineer, because I had an unusual obsession with math in high school. Today, I am a petroleum engineer, who has a passion for teaching and helping others, and I still really love math.
  • Olayode Babatunde

    Director of Research I was an undeclared major freshman year of college. I had no idea what I wanted to do, but one thing was certain: My core desire in life is to serve others. I followed my heart, and it led me to a field where there's an enduring love for humanity. For me, healing the sick and wounded never gets old.


Ibukun Jaiyeola

Marketing, Communications, Design, Social media campaigns

Nicole Magabo

Marketing, Communications, Design, Social media campaigns

Deborah Adeboyejo

Nigerian educational initiatives

Ibukunoluwa Eweje

Corporate and company initiatives

Trey Bodwin

Marketing, social media

Moriam Animashaun

Scholar and collegiate initiatives